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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Ashleigh Online, my own little space on the internet! I first began blogging in one form or another in January 2013, however, after a long hiatus, I have decided to relaunch with a fresh new look, which I hope you will love as much as I do. The best way to describe my content is an ‘everything’ blog. This is my outlet to talk about anything and everything that comes to mind, and hopefully engage with you all too.

I will be sharing various aspects of my life including living with Bipolar Disorder, my love of make up and beauty products, making our first house a home, and anything else that comes to mind.

I’ve never been that great at introducing myself so instead I’m just going to share 10 facts about me!

1. I love tea! – I drink gallons of the stuff in all different varieties, from your standard PG tips to hibiscus purchased in the Egyptian dessert!

2. I live with my husband and my cat Freddie – I have been married since October 2012 and still talk about it as if it were yesterday as it was the greatest day of my life. We adopted our cat and he is totally crazy, not particularly sociable to anyone but us and has no concept of personal space but we love him none the less.

3. I have a big family! – My mum was Irish, and in true Irish fashion I have a huge family! I have 3 brothers, 2 sisters and a step sister. I am a proper family girl and my family mean the world to me.

4. I’m from Essex – and proud might I add! My life is nothing like that of the guys and girls of TOWIE and I haven’t watched the show for years. Our county is so much more than fake tan and cat fights in the Sugar Hut and I’m not sure I would ever want to live anywhere else.

5. I’m a book worm – I read ALL the time, and quite often find myself losing an entire day if I’ve picked up a good’un! I’m mostly in to chick lit, but dabble in other genre’s from time to time as I have a pretty open mind and if something is recommended to me I’ll give it a go.

6. I’m a total girl – Ok, again a pretty obvious one! but basically I love all things girly! Make up, clothes, beauty… you name it! I love trying out new looks and products, and having a pamper is my idea of the perfect way to relax.

7. I love films – I have always been really in to the cinema, but since doing film studies as part of my college course, that interest has increased further. I am fascinated by all aspects of film making and videography, even though I’m having to build my practical skills from scratch.

8. I am addicted to Netflix (and pretty much all the streaming services) – This is partially connected to the above, but since being unwell recently I have embraced Netflix and love nothing more than ploughing through entire series’ of certain shows. I am currently rewatching Grey’s Anatomy on Disney +, which I absolutely love despite the emotional trauma it regularly causes.

9. I have Bipolar disorder – I was officially diagnosed in April 2014. There is a lot of social stigma surrounding mental health but it is something I am more than happy to talk openly and freely about and will do so on throughout this blog.

10. I love to travel – I used to have a major phobia of flying (I blame watching the first Final Destination film!), and missed out on so much because of it. Then my friends decided to go to Cancun and I thought right enough is enough, and sorted myself out! Since then I’ve seen so many amazing places and plan on seeing many more! My most recent trip was to Toronto, New York and Las Vegas which I am planning to post about soon.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back soon!


P.S If you want to be the first to know about any new blog posts you can subscribe by email (also in the side bar). I am regularly found killing time on Twitter, where my username is @Ash_Online_, and Instagram @ashleigh_online – Come and say hi!


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